​Helene E. Goble, MFT #85085

Family and Couples Counseling in Carmichael, CA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

It's easier than you think to find ways to adjust to natural and traumatic events that occur in family life

Depression, anxiety, frustration,...these are all normal and natural reactions to changes in our lives. When the symptoms get in the way of your quality of life, that is the time to find strategies to help you and your family cope in a healthier way. Trauma can also impact families. Brainspotting is an effective tool to help the body heal, and relieve symptoms of PTSD and anxiety related to the trauma.

Helene E. Goble, LMFT #85085

Sometimes we need support during difficult changes or traumatic events that happen in our families

As natural changes or traumatic events happen, it can be difficult for some of the members to adjust.  New siblings born, children leaving for college, loss of a parent, aging and loss of your life's companion, ...all of these changes affect our well being. We can meet to find ways to manage the changes...and thrive.   

I volunteer with The Soldiers Project of Sacramento to help our Vets and their families manage the struggle to reintegrate back into civilian life.

I have been working with couples,  families, and individuals since 2007.  I specialize in those who struggle with ADHD, although I prefer not to call it a disorder.  To me it is a different way to see the world. Those with ADHD have many gifts and strengths that often get overlooked by a world that thinks in a different way. My goal is to help individuals, families, and couples that may be challenged by this "gift." Learning new ways to cope and manage symptoms can be enlightening, and often creates opportunities to thrive! 

I challenge you to let me help you explore and find those ways to make your marriage, your family, and your whole life more fulfilling and meaningful. Working collaboratively helps encourage lasting change for you and your family. Whether your need is reducing trauma symptoms, depression, anxiety, or improving your marriage, help is available. 

Offering Couples, Individual, and  Family Therapy in Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Gold River, and surrounding areas.